Getting To The Table - ZOOM - January 25, 2024

Getting To The Table - ZOOM - January 25, 2024

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To win at the bargaining table, it is necessary, but not sufficient, to have skilled negotiators. Before the first bargaining session takes place, the union has to design a comprehensive bargaining program and carry out the work needed to set the stage for what will take place once bargaining commences.

This webinar goes through the step by step work that is needed to:

  • construct a bargaining agenda that reflects the issues of highest priority for the union;
  • set goals and realistic timeframes for each stage of the bargaining process;
  • conduct the research needed to formulate and defend the union’s proposals;
  • select the bargaining team and define the roles of team members both at and away from the bargaining table;
  • establish the roles and responsibilities of union officers and of members responsible for support activities;
  • formulate ground rules, taking into account what model of bargaining the union will adopt (open or closed bargaining sessions? open or restricted information flow to the membership and the public?)

This session is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of preparation for bargaining, exploring both the tasks that must be performed and the underlying politics. It will target those who will be or are considering being part of a bargaining team or bargaining support group, as well as local officers, staff and activists who want to learn more about the bargaining process and how they might use their particular skills to contribute to victory at the table.

Michael Mauer, your instructor, has worked as an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board and AFSCME, and as an attorney / negotiator with a number of unions, including serving as Director of Organizing and Services for the American Association of University Professors and Director of Collective Bargaining for SEIU. His publications include The Union Member’s Complete Guide, Welcome to the Union, and Academic Collective Bargaining.

What past attendees have said about Mauer’s Labor Bookstore webinars:
“Overall outstanding workshop”
“The presenter did a fabulous job with pacing and providing info”
“A large amount of information was packed into 90 minutes”
“The expertise: It's always great to have an instructor who has direct experience with the topic being instructed”
“Instructor was knowledgeable and had strategy in mind instead of only arguing or fighting”


When:   January 25, 2024
Where:  Zoom  (a Zoom link will be sent one week prior to the event)
Time:     6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (EST)
Cost:     $40